Welcome to our website! We are Cy & Natalie Smith a married photography team with the goal of helping you capture your special moments to share and cherish for years to come. Cy is a professional photographer who graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of photography in 2014; and Natalie his better half assists with posing and a second perspective to ensure we capture the true you.

   We are very down to earth, and love everything central Oregon has to offer. We have two dogs Milo & Maggie (Black lab & Golden Retriever) Who love to go hiking and swimming with us. Their instagram is (adventures_of_milo_and_and_maggie) If you want to follow them and their adventures. We hope to hear from you, and have a wonderful day!

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Cy's Phone # (541) 613-7783

Natalie's Phone# (541)-280-5832

You can always email us at to book or ask any questions

If you can't reach me, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

* A deposit of % 25 of the package price is due at the time of scheduling the appointment, the rest is due at the beginning of the shoot. Any Cancellation results in a loss of the deposit, but rescheduling may be possible.

Photography Rates


Book between August through October and get 15% off any package listed below!

(An additional 10% off can be earned by referring a friend who also books a session)

This special also comes with a free CD with any package booked!


*Get a CD of photos for an additional ($150)*
*All wedding packages (except budget package) and package 3's come with a free flash drive* (unless stated otherwise)


Ask about pricing if interested for additional prints, substitutions are always considered


Family Portrait Rates 

Package 1 ($250) 

30 min session (Just photographer)

1 Location (no outfit change) 

15 touched up and enhanced photos


Package 2 ($400) 

1 hour session ( photographer + assistant) 

1 Location ( 1 outfit change) 

(12) 2x3 prints (8)4x6 (2)8x10 

20-30 touched up +enhanced photos


Package 3 ($600) 

1.5 hour session (photographer + assistant) 

1 Locations ( 2 outfit changes) 

(16)2x3 (8)4x6 (2)8x10 (1) 12x18 (1) 8x10 canvas 

50 touched up + enhanced photos


Senior And Engagement Portrait Rates

*All senior portraits come with a digital copy that will be sent to the school for yearbook 


Package 1 ($300)

1 Hour (Just photographer)

1 Location (no outfit change) 

10 touched up + enhanced images 

All prints must be purchased from website


Package 2 ($500) 

1 Hour & 30 Min (photographer + assistant)  

1 Location ( 1 outfit change)

(12)2x3 prints (6)4x6 (1)8x10  

20 touched up + enhanced images

Cd Included


Maternity & Baby Announcement  Rates

Package 1 ($250) 

1 hour (Just photographer)  

(1 outfit change + props)  

10-15 touched up +enhanced photos


Package 2 ($400) 

1 hour & 30 min (photographer + assistant)  

( 2 outfit changes/props) 

(12)2x3 prints  (4)4x6 (1)8x10 

20-30 touched up +enhanced photos

(Cd included)


Wedding Rates 

Budget Wedding Package ($750)

5hr or less Ceremony+Portraits at wedding location (Just photographer)

No Flashdrive (prints will have to be purchased from website)

10-20 enhanced images


Small Wedding Package (50 guests or less) ($1,250) 

5hr or less Ceremony+Portraits at wedding location (Just photographer) 

1 flash drive of all images of each pose captured + 20-30 enhanced and touched up photos 

(12) 2x3 prints (4) 4x6  (2) 8x10


Standard Wedding Package ($2,500) 

Unlimited Ceremony + Portraits at wedding location (photographer + assistant) 

1 flash drive of all images of each pose captured + 50-60 enhanced and touched up photos 

(24) 2x3 prints (8) 4x6 (3) 8x10 (2) 12x18


Wedding + Engagement Session Package ($2,900) 

Engagement session 1 hours & 30 min (photographer + assistant) 

1 Locations (2 outfit changes/props)  

Ceremony + Portraits at wedding location ( photographer + assistant) 

1 flash drive of all images of wedding and engagement photos + 60-80 photos enhanced and touched up

(24) 2x3 prints (12) 4x6 (3) 8x10 (2)12x18 (1)8x10 canvas